Personalized IT solutions to power your business

We provide your Oahu business with custom-built
IT solutions and dedicated support, that will skyrocket your productivity and security...

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Are you feeling the
heat of slow and
unreliable IT support?

Are you tired of constant downtimes that lead to decreased productivity?

Proof that your business needs urgent intervention from poor IT management and outdated technology

Is your business susceptible to the increasing risks of cyber attacks and data breaches?

You cannot afford to lose years of hard work in a jiffy, your business deserves rock-solid IT infrastructure

Would you like to have dependable IT support that is no different from having in-house IT expertise?

Get ahead of the curve with up-to-date technology, better security practices and trusted IT support

We take the heat away
so you can stay in
the kitchen

You don't need to spend any more time and scarce
resources on battling recurring IT issues. You can trust
our team of experts to take the heat for you. With our personalized IT support, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the technical details.

Our solutions are specially tailored to keep your systems running smoothly, minimize downtime, and give you peace
of mind. Our proactive approach ensures that you get the best possible service, reducing the need for reactive
support and maximizing productivity.

of our clients
stay with us.
IT solutions!

Our results speak for us...

We are passionate about helping our clients succeed.
We recognize that their success is ours too, so we spare no
effort in providing the highest quality service for every customer.


Client's Average Uptime

Our clients enjoy an impressive
average uptime, thanks to our reliable
and proactive managed services


First Call Resolution

We have a track record of efficiently resolving technical issues on the first interaction, maximizing your productivity


Average Response Time

We are there for you when you need us.
We take our job of ensuring minimal disruptions to your business seriously

What we do

We offer a complete range of
IT services to meet your
business needs

24/7 Monitoring

We provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. You can count on
your network infrastructure to
deliver maximum performance.

Hardware Support

Our hardware support services provide regular maintenance and repair services. We keep your hardware in top working condition.


Protect your business against cyber-attacks and data breaches. With
our wide range of comprehensive security solutions, you'd stay secure.

Backup & Recovery

We provide you with reliable and secure data backup solutions.
We ensure that your critical data is safe in the event of a disaster.

Cloud Services

We offer customized cloud solutions to help you take advantage of the cloud. All this, while ensuring data security and compliance.

Helpdesk & Support

Get round-the-clock access to technical support and assistance. Our team of experts is always available to resolve issues that arise.